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E S Plumbing LLC provides commercial plumbing and residential plumber services for a variety of plumbing applications in the Las Vegas area.
We've listed some of the plumbing services we can provide below. If you have any questions about our plumbing services, please feel free to fill out our contact a plumber and we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

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Medium Pressure Gas Piping
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Plumbing Systems Design

•AIA and custom construction billing format 
•Engineered, furnished and installed plumbing systems ranging from 2,000 sq. ft.steel and concrete structures 
•Domestic water, sanitary sewer and natural gas piping systems 
•Sewage lift stations 
•Roof drainage systems 
•Sub-grade French drainage systems and lift stations 
•Sump pump systems 
•Sanitary and storm systems installed in hub & spigot cast iron, no-hub cast iron, PVC schedule 40 & 80 and copper DWV 
•Domestic water systems installed in hard and soft drawn copper piping, CPVC piping, Sch.40 & 80 PVC piping and PEX piping 
•Pipe and Fittings Insulation 1/2" or 1” pre-formed fiberglass with Zeston style fittings or closed cell insulation 
•Above grade medium and low pressure gas systems: Schedule 40 & 80 black welded and threaded steel piping 
•Interior and Exterior medium and low pressure gas service lines 

​French Drains | Sump Pumps | Tankless and Hybrid Water Heaters | 

•Sanitary sewer – installation, repair or replacement 
•Water service – installation, repair or replacement 
•Gas service – installation, repair or replacement 
•Backflow devices – installation, repair, & certification 
•Grease & sand trap – installation or replacement 
•French drain – installation, repair or replacement 
•Downspout & surface drainage – installation or repair  
•Service line tracing 
•Videotaping of drain lines
•Drain cleaning and hydrojetting 
•Sump pump – installation, repair or replacement 
Exterior hydrant – installation, repair or replacement 
•Tankless and hybrid water heaters

•Water heater (electric and natural gas) – installation, repair and replacement 
•Boilers (low nox) – installation, repair and service// 
•Hot water circulation pump – installation, repair and replacement 
•Hot water circulation system - retrofitor new installation  
•Floor and wall furnace - repair or replacement 
•Faucet – installation, repair or replacement 
•Fixture – installation, repair or replacement 
•Slab water leak - detection and repair 
•Shower pan – installation, inspection and replacement 
•Interior drain cleaning 
•Interior gas, water and drain piping – installation, repair or replacement 
•Water filter - installation and servicing 
•Fireplace gas log and lighter installation 
•Fireplace Klie valve – installation, repair and replacement 
•Garbage Disposal – installation or replacement 
•Leak detection - gas, water and drain piping 
Sewage lift station – installation, repair or replacement 
•Hydronic floor heating systems
•Tankless and hybrid water heaters